Who we are

VOLCALIS – Isolamentos Minerais, S.A. a Portuguese company owned by the Preceram Group, is dedicated to the production of mineral wool through an absolutely innovative and unique production process in Portugal.

Volcalis offers a wide range of high quality and ecological solutions to the market, contributing to the comfort and thermal and acoustic efficiency of the buildings, by using the best raw materials and the highest technologies with great efficiency and rigor.

This product of growing demand in the construction sector comes to increase the wide range of solutions offered by the Preceram Group companies and, more directly, to complement the gypsum board systems of Gyptec Ibérica.


Quality and Environment

To guarantee the highest quality standards of its products, Volcalis is ruled by a strong policy of quality and continuous valorization of the production procedures, based on the research of the most suitable raw materials and the use of the most advanced technology.

Volcalis aims to promote the respect and preservation of the environment to ensure acceptable living conditions for future generations. For this reason, the company has taken a proactive stance in order to minimize the environmental impact of the activities it carries out.

In order to ensure the proper management of quality and the environment, Volcalis has already implemented an Integrated Management System whose scope covers the whole process of manufacture and commercialization of mineral wool.

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Why Choose Volcalis

Volcanis mineral wool is a non-combustible, fire-resistant material, free of harmful substances and ensuring a healthy indoor environment.

Volcalis mineral wool has A+ rating on indoor air quality.

This qualification comes from the French regulations for emissions of volatile pollutants, with Category A+ being the best indoor air quality classification, meaning very low or no emissions of substances in indoor air, such as VOCs (volatile organic compound).

Volcalis mineral wool is an natural and ecological product based on sand and binder of biological origin.

It is an excellent insulation that allows the reduction of energy consumption in buildings. Because it is highly compressible, it reduces the number of transports needed by about 10 times, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

The Portal of Sustainable Construction attributed the sustainability certificate to Volcalis mineral wool.

Volcalis mineral wool complies with the Portal's principles, making a decisive contribution to the sustainability of the construction and rehabilitation of buildings in Portugal.

Principle of reduction of consumed resources

Principle of reuse and/or recycle

Principle of renovation

Principle of purity of composition

Principle of low embodied energy

Principle of local origin

Principle of harmlessness

Principle of durability and/or low maintenance

Principle of accredited certification


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